The NVHG organizes an annual conference where prominent researchers in the field of Human Genetics are invited to present their recent work and part of the program is enriched by our sister associations, the VKGN, VKGL and the NACCG. 

In the meeting, both fundamental and more clinically applied topics alternate encouraging a research-stimulating character.

The annual General Members Meeting of the NVHG is also held during the conference.

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Dear colleague,

Welcome to the annual symposium of the Dutch Society for Human Genetics, the NVHG. This is a joint meeting organized together with the VKGL (Vereniging Klinisch Genetische Laboratoriumdiagnostiek), the VKGN (Vereniging Klinische Genetica Nederland) and the NACGG (Nederlandse Associatie voor Community Genetics en Public Health Genomics).

This year is unique. Obviously, many of us have experienced the consequences of the ‘intelligent lockdown’, either in the hospital or at home. Whereas there is a small chance that we may be able to host a live conference on 17 September 2020, we decided to take the challenge of organising it a virtually. We are excited to do this experiment, and we hope you are excited to join us.

This year is also unique because the NVHG celebrates 70 years of human genetics in the Netherlands. Human genetics in the Netherlands emerged in the aftermath of World War II. In 1949, genetics pioneers Bruins and Waardenburg founded the Dutch Society of Human Genetics (NVHG). Their vision: the Netherlands as frontrunner in objective and ideology-free human genetics research. In 70 years Dutch human genetics has become exceptional both as a driving technology for health-related research, and as an established care service.
Mieke van Haelst



*This is preliminary programme (last updated 28 July 2020)


09:00-09:30      Walk-in – take own coffee, look around, solve technical issues


09:3009:40     Welcome and opening

   Mieke van Haelst


09:40-10:25     Galjaard Lecture

   Han Brunner


10:25-10:30      Mini-break


10:30-11:15      Can Lynch syndrome be cured?

       John Burn


11:15-11:20      Mini-break


11:20-12:00      Impact of COVID-19

        André Uitterlinden
        Marion Koopmans


12:00-12:30      Break, make your own lunch 


12:30-12:45      Walk-in – share lunch recipes, solve technical issues


12:45-14:00      DNA Dialogues 

        Eef Grobbe


14:00-14:05      Mini-break


14:05-15:15      Young Investigator Award


14:15-15:05      Hot and Happening

      Janneke Langedonk
      Anneke Lucassen (TBC)

15:10-15:15      Mini-break


15:15-15:55      Biobanking, genomics infrastructure

   Lili Milani


15:55-16:00      Closure

       Mieke van Haelst

16:00-16:30    ALV and drinks

09:00 Walk-in – take own coffee, look around, solve technical issues
09:30 Welcome and opening
  Mieke van Haelst
09:40 Galjaard Lecture
  Han Brunner
10:25 Mini-break
10:30 Lynch syndrome and current options for intervention
  John Burn
11:15 Mini-break
11:20 Impact of COVID-19
  André Uitterlinden & Marion Koopmans
12:00 Break, make your own lunch
12:30 Walk-in – share lunch recipes, solve technical issues
12:45 DNA Dialogues
  Eef Grobbe
14:00 Mini-break
14:05 Young Investigator Award
14:15 Hot and Happening
  Janneke Langedonk & Anneke Lucassen (TBC)
15:10 Mini-break
15:15 Biobanking, genomics infrastructure
  Lili Milani
15:55 Closure
  Mieke van Haelst
16:00 ALV and drinks


We express many thanks to all our sponsors for their continued support.



Registration for the Meeting will open SOON!
When registering for the conference, you will have to agree to the General Terms & Conditions for participants.

One fee for all participants

  • All live sessions
  • On-demand sessions


Notice of cancellation must be made in writing by e-mail to the Meeting organisers: @ 

Registration fees may be refunded if written cancellation has been received as follows:

  • until Sep 10, 2020: full refund
  • from Sep 11, 2020: 50% refund

The cancellation will not be effective until a written acknowledgement from the NVHG organisers is received. In the case of over-payment or double payment, refund requests must be made in writing and sent to the meeting organisers by e-mail. No refunds will be granted for unattended events or early termination of attendance, in case of cancellation of speakers or any other incidents during the conference, which are beyond the control of the conference organisers.

No exceptions to the refund policy can be made, including health or family issues. By registering to the NVHG Annual Meeting 2020, participants agree that the organising committee does not assume any liability whatsoever.



Participants will receive by email the instructions to access the platform once registered.


Certificates of attendance will be sent to all participants electronically after the meeting when attendance is confirmed in the online platform.


Accreditation will be given only when participants request it at the registration and when the attendance is confirmed by logging in to the meeting. 
BIG number and full name should be provided at registration.


The official language of the meeting will be English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.