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PacBio delivers highly accurate long-read sequencing for the most comprehensive view of human genetic variation. With these HiFi reads and the Sequel II System, scientists can resolve complex regions with end-to-end solutions for exploring genomes and transcriptomes. Click on our logo to learn more. 

The Illumina mission is to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome. Now, through innovation and collaboration, we are enabling genomic breakthroughs and helping simplify the patient diagnostic odyssey with whole-genome sequencing. The discoveries we know lie ahead for rare and undiagnosed genetic diseases are what inspire us to push the boundaries and drive innovation.

The Simons Foundation Fund was set up on 18 September 1975 by the Dutch Anthropogenetic Society (NAV) with a legacy from J.E. Simons. The foundation’s aim is to encourage the study of human genetics and to promote and disseminate knowledge on hereditary diseases by sponsoring conference visits and providing financial support to young researchers for scientific visits.