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De vereniging onderhoudt relaties met de volgende verenigingen en instanties:

Dutch Association of Clinical Geneticists
(Vereniging Klinische Genetica Nederland, VKGN)
Unites medical specialists in clinical genetics

Association of Clinical Genetic Diagnostic Laboratories
(Vereniging Klinisch Genetische Laboratoriumdiagnostiek, VKGL)
Unites recognised clinical genetics laboratory specialists

Dutch Association for Community Genetics and Public Health Genomics
(Nederlandse Associatie voor Community Genetics en Public Health Genomics, NACGG)

Genetics Retreat NVHG 
(Graduate meeting)

A large number of highly impressive educational resources have already been developed and made available online, internationally. The purpose of the pages provided here is to assist educators and individual learners in identifying sources of educational materials, related to genetics and genomics, that they may find useful. In addition to the many sources to which these pages link directly, many of the linked websites themselves include many further links to substantial educational resources.  (source

Genetics professionals

Information that is likely to be useful to professionals in clinical genetics/genomics e.g. information about individual clinical conditions (GeneReviews, OMIM and Orphanet), individual genetic variants (DECIPHER, LOVD, ClinVar, HGMD, VarSome, CanVar & VEP), transcript identification (LRG) and variant nomenclature (HGVS).

Non-genetics professionals

Educational modules, directories of summarised information genetic conditions, including local contact details (e.g. in Contact, Orphanet and, in more detail, in GeneReviews), educational leaflets and links to smartphone apps to assist with cancer genetics referral decisions.

Ethical, legal & social issues

websites that provide information or discussion, relating to the complex ethical, legal and social implications of the latest technological developments.

Patients & families

Information primarily designed for patients and their relatives including comprehensive A-Z directories of summarised information for numerous genetic conditions (including local contact details) as well as educational leaflets.

Primary schools

Useful sources of teaching materials for primary school teachers, involving many innovative and enjoyable interactive activities in connection with several topics relating to DNA, inheritance and cell biology.

Secondary/high schools

Useful sources of teaching materials are provided, many that are highly suitable for use by secondary school teachers.

Universities & students

Powerful websites allowing a user to search for a gene, protein or genomic region, without cost, providing instant access to an enormous amount of up-to-date scientific data from around the world.