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Galjaard Lecture

The Galjaard Award is initiated as a life-time achievement award to honor scientists who successfully brought the topic of ‘Genetics’ to the attention of the general public and/or played a pivotal role for the field of medical genetics in the Netherlands

The Galjaard Award is named after prof. dr. Hans Galjaard (born in 1935), one of the Netherlands most decorated geneticists. He is well-known for his interviews on broadcasting radio and television, but is also world-renowned for his pioneering work in the field of medical genetics, and prenatal diagnostics in particular. Because of his efforts, our present Dutch clinical genetics services is at an unprecedented level, and not only unique to Europe, but also to anywhere else in the world.

Bi-annually, the NVHG board selects the awardee for the Galjaard Award (nominations are welcomed), who will receive the award during an award ceremony at the annual NVHG conference. As part of the ceremony, the recipient will give the award lecture with his/her perspective on the field of medical genetics. 


Prof. dr. Cisca Wijmenga (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)



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Prof.dr. Han Brunner (Radboud UMC)


Understanding Intellectual Disability

Prof.dr. Nine Knoers (UMCG, Groningen)


Towards the genetics clinic of the future: from genetics in kidney diseases to genetics at the heart of healthcare

Prof.dr. Jan Hoeijmakers (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam)


Maintaining Nature’s Perfection: DNA Repair, Cancer, Aging and Longevity

Prof.dr. Gert-Jan van Ommen (LUMC, Leiden)


From molecule to medicine: bumps, potholes and progress

Prof.dr. Gert Matthijs (Universiteit Leuven, België)


Next Generation Sequencing and Diagnostics: the Sky is the limit but this place is Earth