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Awards per Year

Poster Award

The NVHG Poster Award is award to highlight good quality posters presented by young scientist at the NVHG Annual Meeting. Nominations are based on scientific merit, with nominees being the first author (i.e. presenting author) of the poster.

The goal of this poster award is to foster the clear communication of scientific content, also to non-specialists of the presented topic. Hence, the emphasis of the evaluation will be put on the attractiveness of the graphical representation, with intuitive structure, and on the clarity of the text. Also verbal interaction during the poster sessions are taken into account in the final scoring of the nominees. The program committee will report to the conference chair to finalize the award decision.  

The NVHG poster award will be disclosed at award ceremony of the annual NVHG conference, and consists of a certificate and a monetary price of EUR xxxx 


Jeroen Knijnenburg


During the NVHG symposium in Papendal on 2 October 2018, Jeroen Knijnenburg (LUMC, Leiden) received the NVHG Poster Award for his poster: Precise breakpoint detection of balanced and unbalanced structural variation in whole genome sequencing data using haplotype blocks created by linked-reads.

Ivo Eijkenboom


During the NVHG symposium in Veldhoven on 22 September 2017, Ivo Eijkenboom (MUMC, Maastricht) received the NVHG Poster Award for his poster: A zebrafish model for small-fiber neuropathy.


Bart Appelhof


Bart Appelhof (AMC, Amsterdam) received the Poster Award on 6 October during the NVHG Autumn Symposium in Amsterdam. His abstract poster was: tRNA Processing Mutations in Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia. Prize consists of an amount of € 100, –


Janneke Schuurs


On 23 October 2015, the Poster Award was presented to Janneke Schuurs – Hoeijmakers during the NVHG Autumn Symposium. Title poster: Clinical delineation of the recurrent de novo c.607C> T mutation in PACS1.

Rajendra Chauhan


During the NVHG Autumn Symposium, the Poster Award was presented to Rajendra Chauhan on 3 October 2014. Title poster: Dosage effects of conserved chr 21 genes on early ENS development in zebrafish.